Beolab 90 the new design bomb from Bang and Olufsen

As part of Bang & Olufsen 90th anniversary, the Danish brand has decided to release what could be a technological and design breakthrough.

As they indicate, it will not be for everybody. First reason could be the supposed price per unit of £26,995 (no euro and dollar indication yet) or maybe its quite unique design.

One thing is for sure, B&O is very proud of their new baby and they show it! Not only with the beauty shots and nice videos just released today but also with a comprehensive white paper on the technology used and a detailed specification sheet which is rather jaw dropping:

  • 8200 watts of combined power per unit
  • 18 speaker drivers (Scanspeak) arranged in a 360° configuration per unit
  • 137 Kg per unit
  • 2 DSP
  • Many technology features like beam width & direction control and the active room compensation
  • A design from Frackenpohl Poulheim

For those interested in the behind the scene story of this speaker, there is a very nice post on the Earfluff and Eyecandy blog. It basically explains the birth of this concept and how all these technologies came together.

The overall design philosophy of the Beolab 90 is to offer a seamless integration of the speaker in any environment due to its intelligent active room compensation but also to adapt to you depending on your position or activity.

It is somewhat reassuring that this technological arsenal is actually meant to make the listening experience easier and more consistent. We will have to wait to see if B&O delivers on the promise but I would be very surprised if they did not.

Enough of technology, B&O it's also Design and Peerless manufacturing. The video below actually shows part of the speaker construction process in a very dramatic atmosphere.

Whether you like the design or not, B&O is again introducing an amazing product, granted at an eye watering price, but a product which certainly further builds the reputation of the brand of innovation and uniqueness which stands out in the AV industry.

I don't expect B&O to lend me a set but I will for sure try to listen to them once in store!

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