8 Dandy Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and if you haven't done it yet, it's time to think of gifts for your beloved ones. For many people it's a challenging time and you may wonder what to buy. Don't worry, The Dandy Domain has your back with a cool list of treats that will score high for sure and won't be sold back on ebay early January (hopefully!).

Let's get started with few smart home and entertainment solutions.

1. Philips Wireless Dimming Kit

Philips Hue White retrofit lamps - Photograph courtesy of Philips

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch - Photograph courtesy of Philips

Let’s start this selection with the affordable Wireless Dimming kit from Philips Hue. For the price you get a battery powered wall mounted switch which doubles as a remote control and a Hue White lamp. This package offers great extension possibilities as you can control up to 10 lamps (or any other Hue lights in fact) and can also be later linked to a Hue bridge for a fully featured connected Lighting solution. It's a seriously cool solution for creating a cosy atmosphere in a living room or a bedroom.

How much?

  • €39.95 EUR / $34.95 US / £29.95 BP

Check out my post on the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch to find out more about it.


2. Apple TV 4

Apple TV new tvOS - Photograph courtesy of Apple

New Apple TV hardware - Photograph courtesy of Apple

You may have noticed Apple recently updated the Apple TV to its 4th generation. If you are into 4K TV, HD audio or not using any Apple service, you can pass. Anyone else pay attention as Apple has basically launched the new tvOS operating system with  dedicated app store and it looks promising. Tim Cook claims that apps are the future of TV and it could very well be. With Netflix, iTunes, Music, HBO, games and loads more coming, you might soon forget about your TV broadcast subscription. Add to it a sleek new interface with Siri voice control directly from the remote control (unfortunately only in few countries at this point) and you have a very sweet entertainment solution. Seems like a hot gift that will make some jealous!

How much?

  • Apple TV 4 32GB €179 EUR / $149 USD / £129 BP
  • Apple TV 4 64 GB €229 EUR / $199 USD / £169 BP

Review coming soon on The Dandy Domain so stay tuned!


3. Philips Hue White and Colour ambiance Starter kit (A19 lamps)


Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 - Photograph courtesy of Philips

The first Dandy suggestion, the Philips Hue Wireless Dimming kit offers a very attractive package for those who want to enjoy smooth dimming and quality energy efficient LED lighting. That's nice but if you want your gift to really wow why not going straight to the Hue starter kit? With 3 lamps and the brand new bridge 2.0 compatible with HomeKit, your friends or family will be able to enjoy Siri voice control and and the Hue app to control their mood lighting scenes. On top of smooth dimming, the Hue White and Colour Ambiance lamps give you tunable white (warm or cool, you choose) and millions of colours.

How much?

  • €199 EUR / $199 USD / £179 BP

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4. New Nest Thermostat

Nest Lifestyle inspiration with Thermostat and Smoke Detector - Photograph courtesy of NEST

Iconic product and pioneer brand in the smart home industry, this beautiful piece designed by Tony Fadell (the father of the iPod) also recently received an update (3rd generation). Wider and improved compatibility with heating systems, larger screen, clock function… Enough treats to appeal to all those eyeing at upgrading their thermostat with a smart device. Beyond its beautiful industrial design the Nest thermostat actually helps saving money and reduce energy consumption by improving heating schedules with its self learning engine. Design and ecological, that's a guaranteed success with this Dandy gift.

How much?

  • €249 EUR / $249 USD / £249 BP

Nest Thermostat - Phograph courtesy of NEST

Let’s now move on to music solutions with few exciting gift propositions!

5. Vifa Helsinki 


Vifa Helsinki - Photograph courtesy of Vifa

Cute wireless speaker with a feminine touch, this modern version of the portable radio combines great design with Kvadrat Textile, leather handle and legendary Vifa loudspeaker drivers. The Vifa Helsinki connects to your mobile devices using Bluetooth which means simple operations. A gift that can be carried around proudly thanks to its style and functionality.

How much?

  • €399 EUR / $449 USD / £316 BP

6. Sonos Play 5

Sonos Play 5 - Photograph courtesy of Sonos

In less that 15 years Sonos has radically changed the audio industry offering multiroom audio solutions to mainstream consumers. Although the price ticket may still seem high for some, you do get a superb audio solution for digital music and online streaming services. The user experience doesn't really get better than that and of course the portfolio of Sonos allows you to extend your home network with products that will fit various needs. This latest release is supposed to be a step up in sound quality which was good already. With a Sonos Play 5 you will surely make someone very happy.

How much?

  • €579 EUR / $499 USD / £429 BP

7. Bluesound Powernode 2

Powernode 2 (left) and vault 2 (right) - Photograph courtesy of Bluesound


Your gift is for an audioholic? He or she has been talking about updating their receiver for a while. Look no further. Bluesound is a sister company of NAD Electronics, a well know brand in the audio industry. Where Bluesound differentiates from NAD is that all their gears are operating on a network allowing multiroom functionalities. Unlike Sonos though, Bluesound really targets audiophiles with a more premium positioning and a strong focus on HD audio playback. The Powernode 2 basically combines all this with a modern digital amplifier that will drive any pair of quality speakers without breaking a sweat. Not only does it sound good, it also looks the part with its minimalistic and compact finish. You will surely impress with this gift.

How much?

  • €899 EUR / $799 USD / £699 BP

8. Naim Muso


The last item of this list suggests you have a lot of love (or money) to share. The Naim Mu-so is an all-in-one audio solution featuring all the modern functionalities for music streaming and network playback. For that kind of money though you get a very serious sound system with an eye catching industrial design . You can even customise it with different colours of speaker grill to match your deco. Naim Audio is a famous name in the audio industry and rather known for pushing customers stacking amplifiers and power supplies but here it seemed they managed to combine a lot of quality electronics in this diminutive speaker box.

This would be our ultimate Dandy gift for this year, one that would surely be hard to beat!

How much?

  • €1250 EUR / $1499 USD / £895 BP

If you are interested in wireless audio solutions in general, don't forget to check out this post to learn more about the different solutions available on the market.

That's it, thanks for reading this post!

Hopefully this Dandy selection will help you and inspire your Christmas shopping. Don't forget to also treat yourself as well!

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