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Last week, Amsterdam was hosting once again the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) tradeshow, the largest event for professional AV and electronic systems in the world. Although targeting the professionals of this industry (installers, integrators and distributors) the residential market remains a key segment of this show. If you are interested in audio-video and home automation, ISE is a great place to experience the newest technologies and solutions.

In this first post related to ISE, I would like to introduce to you the latest solutions from DALI, a Danish loudspeaker company. Denmark is not only the home of great design, it is also hosting some of the finest hi-fi companies in the world. Dali is one of those, a 30 year old company which produces their own loudspeaker drivers with very innovative solutions.

Lars Worre, their passionate CEO, introduced me to some of their latest solutions and while they provide an extensive range of traditional speakers, what caught my attention was their on-wall and in-wall solutions and their colourful Kubik One soundbar.

DALI Phantom H-120



DALI in-wall and in-ceiling speakers at ISE Amsterdam 2016 - Photograph Philippe Regnier

This model is part of a broader product range of in-wall speakers, the Phantom series. What sets this model apart from the rest of the range and the other solutions available on the market today is the use of a large 12" woofer which truly delivers authoritative bass response and an audio performance similar to floor standing speakers. No need for extra subwoofer with this model which delivers true hi-fi sound, filling up even larger rooms.

This square shape in-wall speaker (471 x 471 x 170 mm) requires a bit more depth than traditional in-wall speakers and this is due to the large woofer that needs more space and volume. If you can fit it though you will have a very discreet installation with a real full range performance (32 - 25,000 Hz).

I was really blown away by this product and the sound quality it delivers. A great solution for either stereo or multichannel home cinema installations. Note that the range also offers the H-50 (5"), H-60 (6") and H-80 (8") models to adapt to different room requirements.

Last but not least, at EUR 699 per piece (no price information in BP£ and US$) it offers a very good value as it will compare favourably to more expensive and much bulkier floor standing speakers.

Rubicon LCR

Dali Rubicon LCR close up on the rotating tweeter module - Photograph courtesy of DALI A/S

Dali Rubicon LCR close up on the rotating tweeter module - Photograph courtesy of DALI A/S


The DALI Rubicon LCR is a unique proposition which brings the great technologies from the Rubicon series in a very shallow form factor for wall mount installations. While there are a lot of other solutions for wall mounted speakers, this model hosts specific technologies that provide a very nice audio quality with a surprising bass response.

Although given for 59 Hz, the response actually extends quite lower providing a very satisfying sound which does not require a subwoofer should you intend to use this model for music playback only. Home theater enthusiasts can also use the Rubicon LCR for their left, center and right front stage as well as surround speakers which combined with a good subwoofer should provide a discrete and great sounding solution.

Note that the tweeter module which combines a soft dome tweeter and a Ribbon driver can be be turned 90° to allow an horizontal installation if this suits better your requirements.

This high-end speaker retails at £875 GBP or EUR999 (no US$ price information) per piece. 

Kubik One 

Dali Kubik One without cover  - PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF DALI A/S

Dali Kubik One without cover - PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF DALI A/S

Dali Kubik One colour palette - Photograph Philippe Regnier

The Kubik range regroup the wireless lifestyle propositions from DALI. It offers hi-fi quality, compact form factors and flexible design solutions thanks to colourful textile covers that can be swapped to adjust to your interior decoration.

The Kubik one is an all in one soundbar solution that can be used together with your TV set or simply as a sound system.

It really is a twin left and right stereo speaker configuration built in a convenient soundbar form factor. It includes modern audio specifications with Bluetooth 3.0 Apt-X wireless connection, analog and digital inputs. If you want even more oomph you even have a subwoofer output. It is capable of HD audio playback (24 bits, 96KHz) and packs an impressive set of DSPs and digital amplifiers to drive the loudspeakers. 

Those are quite special as they use the proprietary wood fibre cone woofer technology which is used in some of their hi-fi ranges, including the one presented above.

The Dali Kubik One is available and retails at £799 GBP, EUR 999 and found it for $1395 US on amazon. Quite an upmarket proposition but its good sound and design collected numerous awards in the hi-fi press making it one of the best soundbar solution on the market.

Kubik One backside connections  - PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF DALI A/S

Kubik One backside connections - PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF DALI A/S

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